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How to choose your kite foil pack

1/ How to choose your kite for kite foiling ?

The Strutless

The Strutless is the perfect kite for freeride perf and for ultra light wind sessions with the best possible upwind performance. It’s a kite that has an extraordinary glide and can accelerate at will.

This kite is by far the one that goes the furthest out of the window, allowing you to get the best possible lift no matter how strong the wind.

  • The larger the size, the more performance-oriented it is (speed, upwind and lift) with a higher ratio (longer sail and less width).
  • On the other hand, the smaller sizes with a lower ratio are more playful, with a much more surfy behavior (drift and handling) and once again all lightness.

The fact of not having inflatable bladders allows to gain a lot of weight and liveliness. Each bladder is made of a dacron’s sleeve, a bladder, a valve and a “one pump”. When you get rid of these parts, the profit is impressive! Especially with our light and semi-rigid fiber bladders, the profile remains steady and the relaunch is easy. The fabric doesn’t stick to the water!

The Unik

The Unik is perfect if you search for a kite that unlocks a lot of power. Thanks to its lower ratio (wider in the center and less elongated), it allows you to take off early without having to work it too much. It has power at will and stays further back in the window which translates into better drift and stability.

It’s an easy kite with no headaches and is very easy to relaunch in all conditions, thanks to its rounded ears that allow it to roll easily to the edge of the window in the takeoff position.

The Freewave

Finally, the Freewave allows you to go out in stronger conditions while keeping the kite easily manageable without excess speed.

To sum up

If you’re looking for a kite:

  • Able to go out in as little wind as possible
  • Has exemplary stability
  • Has the best upwind
  • Perfect for jumps with a big lift and hang time as soon as the wind reinforces

The Strutless is for you!

If you’re looking for a kite:

  • Easy and all rounded
  • Easy to foil
  • That can surf when the wind picks up

The Unik is for you!

If you’re looking for a kite:

  • To kite foil in high range winds
  • That keeps a good hold and easily manageable when it blows

The Freewave is for you!

2/ How to choose your kite foil board ?

Easy, safe, performing and easily transportable : The HIPE in small size.

Compact, versatile, light and high performance : The Catch Foil.

3/ Which foil to choose for kite foiling ?

In our range, we have different packs that will cover the needs of beginners to experts!

Beginner without experience

The Kite Foil Rise is ideal to learn to fly kite foil and progress smoothly. It will fly with great stability, even at low speed. A very safe foil in flight, but also in handling, so that your beginnings are really easy.

The leading edge of the Foil Rise’s front wing is thick and made to work at low speed. Its top speed can reach 20 knots if you pull on it, but its job is to operate between 8 and 12 knots, knowing that when you start out, speed is not really a priority.

So it’s an easy foil that won’t take you too fast by giving you a lot of lift at low speed. No need to be at 20 knots to pass a jibe. The front wing of the Rise foil allows you to turn almost on the spot when stopped, learning the maneuvers becomes a child’s play.

Sporty beginner

The Kite Foil X-Over is the smoothest of the foils while offering great maneuverability. This is especially true at low speeds, in light winds or in soft waves where it will really perform.

Playful, easy, relatively fast, it has all the qualities for someone who is not looking for radicalism. The X-Over Foil also has the ability to fly at very low speed, so maneuvers are very easy to work on.

Experienced kite foiler

The Curve Kite Foil is the magic foil for foilers looking for maximum performance in the curves. We all love the unique feeling of speed and pure glide that a kite foil provides, but imagine it being able to turn on the spot at very low speed, snapping without stalling and carving healthily at high speed: the Foil Curve is a curve monster.

Advanced / Expert Kite Foil

The Kite Foil Veloce is the perfect foil for speed in freeride mode, it’s the exact compromise between the speed of a race foil and the very carrying mania of a surf foil.