Update of 06/02/20:

Enjoy Nature!!!


In France:

We deliver all parcels under 3m.

This limit is imposed on us by Geodis who considers that handling a Board bigger than 9’2 does not allow us to respect the rule of 4m2 per person. Indeed, they consider that it takes two people to carry these parcels.

It is their choice and we have been more than patient; you and us.

We are going to call upon another service provider immediately.


Appointment taking Yeehaaww!!!

The carriers were no longer making appointments. We were doing it for each of you manually. You might as well say that the waste of time was phenomenal!!! Congratulations to Ysoline, Erwan and David who worked 12 hours a day for several weeks.

Since this morning the transporters are taking over this task. Everything is back to normal.

The cumulation of the taking of appointments and the doubling of the GONG logistics team will quickly put us back in the timing. We will be 100% up to date before the weekend, except for the over 3m.


The shop in La Baule has been open since May 11th.

We respect a strict protocol which may seem excessive to you, but we don’t want to take any risk.

So when 50 people show up in 2 hours there is a bit of a wait. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. We try to make all this fluid and we welcome you in a good mood and it goes well.



Total reopening of expeditions and appointments.

To date, international transport has resumed with slightly slower delays, but everything is working again.

On recommendation of the carriers, we deliver all parcels under 3m in all European countries and to your forwarding agents for the DOM TOM (French Overseas Departments and Territories).

You will understand that the carriers’ delivery times vary. We do not put pressure on them concerning this subject. The important thing is that you are delivered without damage.


Our website is open 24 hours a day: we process and prepare your orders every day!

Once again a thousand thanks for your energy and nice messages.

Be careful on land as well as at sea.

Thank you.

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